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Embrace Darjeeling : Embrace Your Self

Embrace Darjeeling : Embrace Your Self: " La Tangente - Short Film from Vincent Vesco on Vimeo.
You close your eyes and you discover that numbness in the air, you open your eyes and you see the stars on earth. At first, you don't believe your eyes. They said this was a wonderful sight, then even said it will blow you away. But even after knowing so much, you still fell for it. Yes! You are in Darjeeling. 
Never mind the route, never mind the fellow tourists, somethings just won't change. But what you really do is - re-plug||re-connect||re-live. You look at the valley on the opposite side, you see a cluster of buildings and carpet of green. You turn your eyes away for just one second and the next thing you know, the valley disappears in a sea of are clouds.
There is something magical about the hills - the locals. They are wonderful. Always smiling, always helpful. There is never a single moment where you will find yourself aloof, alone, depressed. The locals, fr…