Wicklow Mountains of Dublin

Wicklow Mountains of Dublin:
Natural beauty can be found in so many places. To say that it exists in only a few small areas would be absurd, and in the country of Ireland…it can be found in the masses. Dublin is a prime example, or maybe more so, the city of Wicklow.

Taking a tour through the Wicklow Mountains, we were given a little slice of Heaven. First, our tour guide, Stephen, made the experience well worth our while. Second, although Galway remains my favorite for sightseeing and countryside beauty, Wicklow remains second best.

In fact, I’m going to let you see for yourselves….
The "Guniness" Lake. It sits on the Guniness Family property.
This is the bridge featured in "P.S. I Love You" where Gerard Butler meets Hilary Swank for the first time.



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